As life around us changes, it’s often a time we think about starting a new career or look to re-enter the job market. Uncertainty about what the future holds is making employers more cautious, with demand for some roles increasing and others seeing a reduction in the workforce.

Return to Work campaign

If you have taken a career break to care for someone or have been unemployed long-term, the Government Equalities Office (GEO) has launched three additional Return to Work programmes with the Local Government Association.

Designed to support experienced professionals return to their chosen profession in local government, they aim to provide remote support and training to professionals across England to return to available vacancies with local councils.

The Return to ICT programme offers high quality training and support to develop your technical skills and understand the roles of digital services in local government.


Return to Planning training will include a re-introduction to Town Planning and an overview of the future of Town Planning and government planning reforms.


If you are a barrister, solicitor or legal executive the Return to Legal free scheme will give you the opportunity to share your CV with local authority employers. Registration starts 12 October 2020.


Applications are open until 11 November 2020. For more information follow the links above or click HERE to go to their website.


Keeping up with the pace of the changes in the employment market can be complicated and often it can be a challenge to find the right advice.


National Career Service (NCS) in Lincolnshire

Nactional Careers Service Logo

Futures for You currently hold the NCS contract in Lincolnshire and are always looking at how to support individuals in the most appropriate and easiest way. They provide 1-to-1 support over the telephone, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and webchat to anyone.  For further information contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 or visit the National Careers Website to find out more about careers.




Whether you’re 16 or 60, modern apprenticeships provide the training, experience and qualifications that open up a route to access high-level roles. Listen to how Lincoln City CEO Liam Scully started his career as an apprentice, making the most of opportunities and developing his skills on the job to pursue a career in the world of football. is for you to actively find and apply to apprenticeship jobs advertised by leading employers and apprenticeships training providers. The website is regularly updated daily with apprenticeship job opportunities, to help you find an apprenticeship that’s right for you.

Lincolnshire County Council has the responsibility of ensuring services are delivered all over the county and can offer an extensive range of apprenticeships. If you’re keen to get into the world of work while gaining qualifications, then a Lincolnshire County Council apprenticeship might be the perfect career pathway for you.

Find out all you can about your new career before making your final choice.

  • The World of Work has all the information you need about the range of careers available in Lincolnshire. Find out about local industries all with a variety of roles that you could choose from.
  • One of the fastest growing job sectors is Healthcare. If you’re looking for a career in the Health service use Find Your Career and answer questions to find which one of the 350 roles might be the job for you. 
  • With 800 job descriptions, giving information about pay and the role explore-careers will help you make an informed choice.

Do you have the training and experience you need to change career?

  • If you need to brush up your training or take a course to set you on the right road search our wide range of courses Available across the county they provide the opportunity to enrol in classroom-based and distance-learning courses-putting you in charge of when you learn.
  • Look at Volunteering to gain that all-important experience a new employer will be wanting or to widen your network of friends. Who knows? You may be volunteering alongside someone who can help you with your new career.

Whatever you decide to do, there’s lots of opportunity to find out with a click or two.