With the current lockdown now in place, you may be wondering how you are going to balance home-schooling with your other commitments-again! Remember, all of our circumstances will be different and there isn’t one solution that fits all. Don’t worry about having to teach new skills – you are parents not teachers – support your child as well as you can but don’t let it become a daily battle with each other. For Government advice on home-schooling, go to help-children-aged-2-to-4 and help-secondary-school-children.

Below you will see that our Family Learning Tutors have created some ‘tips’ and shared some ideas for activities that support the school curriculum that may support you and your family.

Back to School Information Leaflets

Primary School Leaflet

Secondary School Leaflet

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days 2020 Brochure


Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet – Historical January

Tip Sheet – World Braille Day

Tip Sheet – Days of the week and months of the year activities

Tip Sheet – Burns Night

Tip Sheet – Candle Science

Tip Sheet – Kitchen Science

Tip Sheet – Phonics help

Tip Sheet – Reading and Phonics Activity

Tip Sheet – Quick English and maths

Tip Sheet – Independence Challenges

Tip Sheet – Create your own story sack

Tip Sheet – Children’s Centres

The BBC will be showing educational programmes on their regular TV channels Monday to Friday from Monday 11th January. The CBBC channel will have a 3-hour block of schools programmes for primary-aged children from 9am and BBC2 will also be running at least 2-hours of educational programmes for secondary school students. The daily lessons will also be available on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button too. Try BBC Teach Live Lessons too. This online resource has a range of interactive lessons designed to complement learning in the classroom but can easily be accessed at home.


Recommended Websites

Cbeebies – Topics – Explore the subjects that kids love most!


BBC Bitesize Religious Studies –  Knowledge and understanding of world religions, their traditions and views.



National Literacy Trust – The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity working with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life.




National Geographic for Kids – Do you dream of becoming an astronaut, engineer or naturalist? Then you’re in the right place! Our science for kids section is bursting with incredible science facts about the way our world works.


Mathematical challenges for KS1 KS2