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Self-Care isn’t selfish

As we continue to do the best we can for people we love and to make sure we keep up with other responsibilities, it is too easy to forget we need to look after ourselves.

Looking after your physical health is easier than you might think. Active Lincolnshire have ideas for you, whatever your ability. Why not have a go at coaching your favourite Sport?

Having good emotional health doesn’t mean that you should feel good all the time. Find out how you can have the skills and resources to manage the challenges everyday life brings at Healthline – Emotional Health.

We all need some extra help at times. If you feel you need some support to enjoy life more or to feel you could make better choices go to Every Mind Matters to find out how to get some support.



By looking after our own mental, physical and emotional health we are stronger for others too. Read our latest Stay Connected! newsletter for ideas of how to take care of yourself.



Healthy MindsHealthy Minds Lincolnshire have developed a range of online workshops to support children/young people and families learn new strategies to manage a variety of emotional wellbeing concerns. Find a list of their workshops here.




Every Mind MattersKeeping in touch with people we trust is important for our mental wellbeing. Look at NHS anxiety tips for the facts and advice about how to cope if you are worried about the coronavirus situation.


Have a look at some Handy Top Tips.

Maya Angelou – Creative Writer

Denzel Washington – Helping Others

Learning from Lockdown – Reducing Stress

How to cope in a crisis


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