Our local adult learning providers offer a variety of courses that adapt to the changes we are currently experiencing, so now is the time to start looking for a course that meets your needs. Below is the list of adult learning providers we work with.


Our learning providers have been chosen to provide you with a wide range of learning opportunities across the county. More information about each provider and how to contact them can be found below.

Web: http://3cats.org.uk/
Tel: 07860 927635
Email: info@3cats.org.uk
Web: https://www.boston.ac.uk
Tel: 01205 313218
Email: info@boston.ac.uk

Web: https://tayloritex.co.uk/
Tel: 01205 360800 or 07760788193
Email: julie@tayloritex.co.uk

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(Photography, Cooking, Art)

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